Professional Summary

Petroleum Engineering.
Computer Programming.

My name is Andrew Milburn. I am currently an Engineering Technician at HG Energy in Parkersburg, WV. I graduated from Marietta College with a degree in Petroleum Engineering in May 2018. During my time at Marietta College, I worked a number of internships giving me an array of experiences to compliment my classroom studies. I was given the opportunity to become Operations Manager at a start-up oil company right in Marietta, Ohio. I also worked closely with a small oil and gas company out of West Virginia giving me the opportunity to learn first-hand how small businesses operate in today's economy and how to apply engineering techniques in the real world.

My internships challenged me in areas other than petroleum engineering as well. For Cemenco Services, I was able to use my skills in website development and computer programing to convert their sales ticket record system from paper to digital. This is improving the efficiency and communication of their operations. I was also able to use my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to build Cemenco Services a company brochure to improve their advertising efforts.

At HG Energy, I am combining computer programming with petroleum engineering expertise to build efficient computer solutions for the engineers at HG Energy.

Built a program for inputting, tracking, and reporting government/environmental permits. This program features a user-friendly data entry method, an error preventing design in project naming standard, and project report automation. Reporting what permits are associated with the project of interest was automated using visual basic for applications (VBA) and Power Query in Excel. Building in Excel allowed user to interact with a familiar interface. Automation applied in this project saves the user from hunting through the spreadsheet trying to determine what types of permits are associated with a well.
Time Saved by Programming: 20 minutes/well
Key Words: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Power Query, Data Validation, Microsoft Excel, Automation

Automated state well permit report using python. The client wanted to view permit information each week. We built a python application which, on run, automatically initiates browser session, navigates to state page, inputs past weeks date, downloads excel spreadsheet, finds and sends spreadsheet from local computer in email to client and affiliates.
Time Saved by Programming: 30 minutes/week
Key Words: Python, Selenium, Automation

I am currently looking to continue to use my programming skills in conjunction with my oil & gas education to allow oil & gas companies to realize the benefits of utilizing cutting edge computer technology. Below please find a few examples of my recent work, an experience timeline, my career goals looking forward, and a way to contact me.

Recent Work

Experience Timeline

View my experience timeline showing internships and education from 2014 to the present. Click the graphic above for better viewing.

Reach Wireline

I worked 7 months as a Wireline Operator for Reach Wireline. This gave me valuable exposure to the operations of completing the unconventional, horizontal wells in the Marcellus and Utica formations here in the Appalachian basin. Click the image above to check out Reach Wireline.

Cemenco Services Brochure

I was also able to use my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to build Cemenco Services a company brochure to improve their advertising efforts. Click the image above to check out Cemenco Services.

Boy Scout Troop 15

I am currently providing local Boy Scout Troop with a multi-functional website. This website gives them improved communication with current scouts and parents as well as enhancing their recruiting efforts. Click the image above to view the site.

A Graduate of Marietta College

I graduated from Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio with a degree in Petroleum Engineering in May 2018. During my four years in the petroleum program, I completed courses including Petrophysics, Drilling Engineering, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Phase Behavior, Production Systems Engineering, Transient Pressure Analysis, Reservoir Engineering, and Formation Evaluation. View the full overview of the Petroleum Engineering Program at Marietta College. Click the image above to get an in-depth look at the Petroleum Engineering curriculum at MC.

Webmaster for SOOGA

I served as webmaster for the Southeastern Ohio Oil & Gas Association in the spring of 2018. I kept the SOOGA website up to date with current events happening with the association and also made improvements to make the website better where I could. Click the image above to view the website.

Career Aspirations

I am currently working to learn as much as I can in the petroleum industry. I am looking to apply computer simulation, machine learning/artificial intelligence, computer programing, and decision tree analysis in the industry. I believe these technologies can be utilized in the petroleum industry to optimize production and improve operations. Please contact me if you would want to bring the technologies mentioned above to improve your company operations.

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